We offer a complete system solution.
From consulting to design and planning to set up and introduction to the systems on site by our technical staff.

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The worldwide use of our telescopic conveyors speaks a language of its own: Click here to see an overview map of our operating locations.


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Loading docking stations

Our air-operated loading docking stations are based on an amazingly easy principle but offer exceptional advantages for your corporation. An airbag made out of strengthens special fabrics allows easy lifting and lowering of the docking station. At the same time the air bag absorbs any possible Vibrations of passing forklift operators (during the loading process).

This system requires less flexible components then standard docking stations and is therewith exceptionally easy to assay during the preventive maintenance check-up. Furthermore the air-operated docking stations are cheaper in the acquisition and in maintenance then comparable hydraulic docking stations.

Docking stations   Docking stations