25 years of individual and optimal solutions GAWRONSKI

Bürogebäude Entwicklungscenter, Philippsburg
Bürogebäude Entwicklungscenter, Philippsburg

The Gawronski GmbH is an innovative, medium-sized company with the focus on products for logistics handling as well as the industrial representation for cast parts and technical welding constructions. Since the foundation of the company as “industrial representation” around 25 years ago, we have successfully established in the market. Due to our specialisation on strong technical purchasing, the field of industrial representation was initially strongly developed.

Today, we are to our customers a competent and reliable partner and service provider for the procurement of technical individual components. At our 3 locations, we develop and manufacture products for logistics handling. Apart from our first mainstay of “pallets”, a conveyor belt series for loading and unloading trucks was developed in the next stage. Today, our conveyor belt series has the possibility to scan incoming goods and palletising robots which automatically stack the goods onto pallets at the end of the conveyor belt.

Thanks to our professional quality and innovative strength, since our establishment we have built a loyal customer base in the tyre industry, with warehouse providers, with distributors, in the automotive industry as well as in the pump and fittings industry. Our customer network stretches over all of Europe up to individual projects in South America and South Korea. Besides our Gawronski headquarters in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, we have further locations in Phillipsburg and Poland. Our today’s market position is based on our individual consulting service, with which thanks to our wide-ranging service program and a high product quality, we can always offer our customers the respectively most optimal solution.

Business field structure

Gawronski GmbH


Conveyor belts



  • Tyre pallets (PASSENGER CAR)
  • Tyre pallets (TRUCK)
  • Pallet cages
  • Warehouse pallets
  • Special pallets
  • Pallets-Rental system
  • Containers-Rental system
  • Tyre carriage
  • etc.
  • Aluminium telescopic conveyor belts, optionally with:
    • Counter unit
    • Barcode scanner system
  • Flexible DPD loading conveyors
  • Battery change station
  • Tyres washing plant
  • Loading ramps
  • Fully automatic palletising by robot
  • Fully automatic sorting facilities
  • Fully automatic palletising facilities
  • Portal robots
  • Cast parts of all sorts
  • Cast iron
  • Druckguss
  • Pressure die-casting
  • Individually processed customer parts

Our company history

  • 1993

    Foundation of the technical distribution company

  • 1996

    Entry into conception, design and manufacture of pallets

  • 1998

    Extension of the product range

    Special projects (tyres washing plant, etc.)

  • 2000

    Introduction of the rental system

    Introduction of an innovative concept of a rental system for tyre pallets

  • 2000

    Setup of the Phillipsburg location

  • 2006

    Introduction of automatic welding robots in pallet manufacturing

  • 2008

    Introduction of the universal conveyor belt generation

  • 2010

    Introduction of the first conveyor belt generation

    in aluminium version for the flexible use on different gates

  • 2010

    Package shipping

  • 2011

    Introduction of a barcode scanner system

    on the conveyor belts for loading safety with loading and unloading processes

  • 2011

    Acquisition of new premises in Phillipsburg

    Extension of the innovation centre

  • 2013

    Introduction: Automatic palletising

    of tyres by robots at the interface “Production / Logistics“

  • 2013

    Setup of the Gawronski contact office in Brazil

  • 2014

    Start of the construction of a new production location

  • 2016

    Representation in North America

  • 2018

    Commissioning of two palletising and sorting facilities

    at an international tyre manufacturer and a German truck manufacturer

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Our locations



Marktstrasse 9
73765 Neuhausen

+49 7158 679850

innovation center

Huttenheimer Landstrasse 4
76661 Philippsburg

+49 7256 924390

GAWRONSKI Sp. z o.o.

Mechlin, ul. Średzka 2E
63-100 Śrem

+48 61 28 30 323

Our social engagement

As a worldwide operating company, we also feel a responsibility to make a contribution to human beings in those continents who live in less developed regions in terms of infrastructure and rely on medical help of a not-for-profit organization.

For this reason, for years we have supported the organisation “Doctors Without Borders” with a monthly contribution and thank all their helpers for their humanitarian commitment.