Automatic palletisers and sorting facilities from GAWRONSKI

  • Individual planning to suit customer requests
  • Handover of the turn-key system
  • More flexibility and safety

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for more flexibility and safety

According to customer requests, Gawronski designs and manufactures automation projects which are perfectly adjusted to multifaceted needs of our customers. Our spectrum of projects ranges from small distribution plants to large-scale projects which sort packages and tyres in 24-hour operation, for example by postal codes or tours, channelling them out at the respectively determined gate. After consultation of the required parameters, we design your individual plant and hand over the turn-key system.

Through the years, the Gawronski GmbH has gathered broad experience in the field of automation and plant control. With our long-time experience in the field of materials flow logistics as well as material handling, we can offer you the optimal solution for your profile of requirements. During the process, our claim is to bring together the available spatial conditions and your desired flow of goods in an optimised process line.

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