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Automatic sorting facilities

According to your specifications, GAWRONSKI designs and manufactures individual automation projects which are perfectly adjusted to your needs. Our spectrum of projects ranges from small distribution plants to large-scale projects which sort packages in 24-hour operation, for example by postal codes or tours, channelling them out at the respectively determined gate. After consultation of the required parameters, we design your individual plant and hand over the turn-key system. With it, we deliver and integrate all elements such as scanner station, label printers etc. into the plant. We would be glad to advise you. Please arrange a meeting with us.


Your benefits - More flexibility

  • more flexibility and safety
  • full control of outgoing goods
  • Staff-independent in peak seasons
  • Ergonomic work places
  • Advantages in transport costs due to pre-sorted postal code areas

The tyre sorting facility


Through the years, the GAWRONSKI GmbH has gathered broad experience in the field of automation and plant control. With this know-how we have developed the tyre sorting facility. Welcome to Logistics 4.0.

Different demands necessitate different solutions. With our long-time experience in the field of materials flow logistics, we can offer you the optimal solution for your profile of requirements. During the process, our claim is to bring together the available spatial conditions and your desired flow of goods in an practicable process line. And thus to design the optimal plant for every customer. With our team of engineers and designers, we create your new conception and carry out the plausibility check together with you. Our fitters carry out the setup and installation of the complete system. For the time after that, our after sales service will be available at any time for service activities. And: We process your turn-key project from one source.

Gyroscope conveyor system

Kreiselförderanlage – Zur Komplettansicht klicken
Kreiselförderanlage – Zur Komplettansicht klicken

Semi-automatic gyro plant, where the exhaust pipes which are still hot can cool down prior to further processing. The mobile solution for the application in the automotive supplier industry.

Small sorting facility

Kleine Sortieralnage – Zur Komplettansicht klicken
Kleine Sortieralnage – Zur Komplettansicht klicken

In this small solution for a sorting application, tyres and packages are sorted by domestic address / export or by two different package service providers. After packaging, the goods are automatically channelled onto the distribution belt and scanned for sorting. Via a lift table-shear band combination unit, the bridges are filled ergonomically and as high as the ceiling.

Picking line

Kommisionierlinie – Zur Komplettansicht klicken
Kommisionierlinie – Zur Komplettansicht klicken

Using this conveyor system, your goods are picked or controlled. The package is clocked and weighed prior to dispatch, scanned and captured. Optionally, the subsequent sorting then takes place manually or automatically.

Experience convinces in the long term

From bicycle tube to complete wheel. Each article wants to get to its target and does require different details for its material flow. Our experience offers you the solution.

EC Directive

Out conveyor technology helps you comply with the load handling regulation and decreases potential health hazards during manual handling of goods. Consequently, you avoid “red” work places.

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