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The tyres palletising plant

Imagine a fully automatic take-over of all tyres out of the daily production of a tyre plant into your logistics warehouse. 24/7/365 and that without personnel.

Our plant scans the tyres and assigns them unmixed to a pallet. Portal robots then palletise the tyres automatically into a rick-rack pattern (fish bone) or stove pipe (tyre stack) storage. On request, the goods are also marked or glued with a printed label prior to palletising. A completely loaded pallet is automatically exchanged with an empty pallet. The full, outgoing pallet is labelled; in parallel with that, all the information of the delivery (quantity, pallet and date) are sent electronically to your ERP system. The modular design of our plant is extremely maintenance-friendly and its dimensions can be individually adjusted to your requirements. In the execution of this project we collaborated in a close network with strong partners - ro-ber and FAG - who can also draw on years of experience in the fields of robotics, automation and pallet changing modules.

Your advantages of the fully automatic production takeover


Fully automatic palletising

All tyres are palletised unmixed; during the process, either palletising in rick-rack pattern (fish bone) or stove pipe (tyre stack) storage. Subsequently, an automatic pallet change will take place

Continuous production, 365 days

Production runs 24/7/365 and operation is carried out by 1 Person per shift / operation without personnel

EC Directive “Load Handling Regulation”

Helps you comply with the EC Directive on Load Handling Regulation, no health hazards for manual handling of loads; no “red work places”

Plant is modularly designed

the plant can be modularly compiled and exactly adjusts to your requirements. The capacity can be modularly extended to up to 2,000 tyres per hour


Robot tyres palletising plant

Reifenpalettierung Dachau 03

With our flexible conveyor belts, we already use the possibility to capture the corresponding information of tyres by means of the tyre barcode.

As a consequence for our further alignment as a specialist for your warehouse automation, we sort and palletise the tyres automatically by a robot into a suitable pallet. After capturing the barcode, the tyre is assigned to a pallet and stored by the robot into the corresponding pallet by the robot. As a special highlight during this process we have the technique of storing the tyre in a space and tyre-saving way “in Pretzel-like layers”.

Our fully automatic system has automatic channelling-out of full pallets and a feed function of empty pallets to a pallet filling site.

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