Special conveyor belts / combined conveyor belts


Apart from telescopic conveyor belts, we also offer individual conveyor belt combinations for integration into your working processes. Our design engineers would be glad to advise you. We guarantee flawless functionality, because our offerings always include the setup, installation and integration in your production hall on site.

Safety and ergonomics

Our conveyor belts ensure not only economic efficiency, they also reduce significantly the burdens on employees and the load on goods. The working platform is height-adjustable, and can thus be brought to ideal working position at any time. Heavy goods also can be put on their way without any problems. No longer do the goods have to be rolled or pushed, and they are also spared because no one needs to rest on them to get up to higher positions. The serial light barriers fitted to the respective end of the conveyor provides additional safety.

Flexible roller conveyors

The electrically driven flexible roller conveyors create even more free spaces, and also permit winding transport routes. Whilst they are firmly linked to the commissioning plant on one end, for example, the lifter table on the other end can be pushed to several different parallel lorry bridge.


Application example of a logistics centre:

The packing machine at the “beginning” of the conveyor belt unit is directly connected to the roller conveyor. The “end” of the conveyor belt unit forms a lift table element which is controlled height-adjustable for loading and unloading and also contains the control functions for the belt (forward/backward in the running direction of the belt, electrical travel drive, speed).

In this example, the lift table element can be flexibly moved from gate to gate for loading different trucks and containers while the “beginning” of the conveyor belt unit always keeps being connected to the packing machine.

Renting conveyor belts

In order to fulfil the different framework conditions of our customers, you can - apart from a purchase - rent the conveyor belts for an indefinite period of time.

That way, you can flexibly process additional orders, seasonal fluctuations or limited project businesses.

And should you make a decision to purchase a conveyor belt at any time in the course of renting one, a large part of the rental payments made until then will be credited to you. We would be happy to advise you of the details.

Our service for you

During commissioning of a newly delivered conveyor belt, one of our experienced employees will carry out the setup and train your employees on site in your warehouse in terms of the most efficient working methods with the conveyor belt.

Furthermore, we optionally offer a maintenance and service contract for our conveyor belts. Apart from twofold maintenance per year, the maintenance contract also includes the legally prescribed yearly UVV testing (accident prevention regulation) of electrical work equipment (acc. to VDE 0702).

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