Logistics systems for automatic, internal material transport

  • increase productivity, quality and sustainability
  • enable optimised, demand-oriented stock levels
  • make material flows traceable

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Logistics equipment

Logistics systems are of crucial importance to the automatic material transport in factories, distribution centres and counting. These systems increase the productivity, quality, sustainability and traceability of material flows and enable optimised, demand-oriented stock levels. Without these systems, highly efficient facilities would in all probability hardly function. Pallet and chain conveyors, palletisers and sorting facilities - all these systems are finding increasing acceptance in modern logistics centres.

Logistics systems must then be reliably available when they are required. Redundancy is a key requirement. In the event of a fault of a component, the immediately affected areas and processes are interrupted, generally leading to a plant standstill. Plant monitoring and redundant areas are incessant, so monitoring as well as required maintenance procedures can take place quickly and efficiently.

Logistik Equipment Reifenkarre 10

Innovative tyre carriage

Our aluminium tyre carriage is the ideal aid to transport tyres or complete wheels.

Opening and closing it by a foot pedal makes it possible for you to always have both your hands free to quickly and safely move the carriage.

Restacking of tyres is not necessary any more - due to the new type of gripping mechanics, the tyre stack is simply picked up and can be transported. Tyre carriage for 8 tyres and easy to balance out.

Reifen Servicewagen

Tyre service carriage

Wheel service carriage for easy operation of wheel change work places.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: (WxLxH): 45x115x115 cm
  • Load-carrying capacity: approx. 200 kg
  • Storage compartment: 40x35 cm
  • Light construction made of aluminium profiles with 2 castors and 2 fixed castors
  • Weight (net): approx. 14 kg
  • Adjustments possible according to customer wishes

Pallet trolley

Container rental systems

Our GAWRONSKI rental containers in different sizes are in much demand as additional, seasonal storage capacity (e.g. with promotional offers before the beginning of the season) or as permanent warehouse capacity for storing customer wheels (tyres hotel). Up to 4 pallets can be stored with easy access.

  • Efficient transport characteristics
  • A stacker for setup is present during transport
  • Plug/screw system, setup time approx. 30 minutes
  • Passable floor
  • direct access to every tyre (wheel)
  • Group pallet becomes suitable for containers


Tugger train / order picking carriage


Using our precise-tracking tugger train, the pallets follow you like being on tracks. They are manufactured for your individual pallet dimensions. With it, a distinction is made between order picking carriages with overrun brake and order picking carriages with drawbar.

Picking trolley with ramp
Picking trolley with drawbar

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