Dock levellers for convenient loading and unloading

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  • Low maintenance effort
  • excellent price-performance ratio

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Dock levelers

Pneumatic dock levelers

Air powered dock leveler

The aFX® air-operated levellers offer you the advantages of a simple but safe and worldwide proven functional principle. Their minimal wear and tear and almost maintenance-freedom results in an above-average service life as well as an excellent price-performance ratio.

Our air-operated GAWRONSKI levellers are based on an amazingly simple principle, but offer you sensational advantages:

  • The air cushion made from reinforced and robust special fabric below the leveller enables easy raising and lowering of the leveller.
  • Compared with other systems, wear and tear clearly reduces, with the service life significantly extending.
  • Due to the patented “Air Defense” System, all impacts by forklifts driving over it are cushioned, whereby the mechanical stress of the support arm disproportionately decreases.
  • At the outset, this system requires less moving parts than conventional loading bridges and is accordingly extremely simple and cheaper to maintain than comparable hydraulic levellers.

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Design highlights

  • The exclusive SafeTFrame® Design (1)
  • airDefense® -System- effective protection against impacts and sagging up to 27,000 kg due to additional support arms (2)
  • exclusive GRAVITY Lip™ System (3)
  • Airbag lifting system with a large volume and low pressure (4)
  • loading flush with the rear due to lowering below the ramp level
  • almost full maintenance-freedom
  • welded-on lip joint seat (5) and lambda carrier structure (6)
  • 16" / 40.6 cm standard lip
  • Employee protection and safety
    - due to non-metal control panel with push buttons
    - Anti-squeeze protection on the sides (7)
    - fixed hinge - no squeezed edge
  • 220 V operation
  • Shock absorber platform
  • integrated safety brace (8) and lip locking for maintenance works
  • facilitated pit cleaning with the Clean Pit Kit (9)

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aFX® - airDefense® Technology

The original aFX® air-operated leveller has revolutionised the industry. Apart from a safe and powerful performance, the aFX® version also contains the airDefense® function - this cushions all impacts and avoids sagging of the platform. With our patented pedestal design and protection against sagging, special sensor rollers, which slide along reinforced cams, absorb impacts and ensure a fluid, levitating movement. Additionally, in the event of premature separation from the trailer, the protective function against sagging takes effect. Due to the impact-free functionality, the airDefense® function offers a considerably more maintenance-friendly and more durable, thus more cost-efficient alternative as apposed to hydraulic levellers.

All this makes the air-operated leveller the first choice of warehouse clerks worldwide.

Gravity Lip™

This simple mechanism for the lip uses the weight of the platform and the gravity to automatically extend the length of the leveller. No manual tilting attachment, no hydraulic support and no further adjustments are required. The Gravity Lip™ was tested with 100,000 cycles.

Gravity Lip™
Gravity Lip™


Overloading ramp - SafeTFrame®

For decades it has been necessary for levellers to have a fitter on a concrete ramp to position them there and weld an equalizing sheet made of steel to the rear frame in order to create a compensation towards the ramp and ensure a permanent support. This conventional process bears the risk of installation errors, because the fitters often work below the leveller within a confined space and possibly do not use the correct size of equalization sheet or carelessly weld.

The outcome ... the leveller can show material fatigue due to its construction which necessitate expensive repairs or even a replacement.

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SafeTFrame® advantages:

  • Better sturdiness due to its construction and durability
  • Avoids the common installation topics of conventional levellers due to integrated adjustment devices
  • Ensures completely level transition of the warehouse ground towards the leveller
  • Eliminates premature material fatigue due to incorrectly installed shim plates

VSL levellers for refrigerated warehouses

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The VSL levellers revolutionise the energy efficiency of future refrigerated warehouses.

With our “vertical” VSL levellers we achieve an unprecedented protection of your cooling chain!

When using these levellers, you will achieve minimisation of temperature losses on your loading ramps. On account of their special “vertical” installation arrangement, the energy losses are reduced in every gate condition:

  • with an open gate due to special additional sealing devices
  • with a closed gate, because the gate does not lower onto the leveller, but onto the cold store ground, with the usual temperature loss factors* thus being excluded.

*Concrete is far less conductive than metal and there are not the usual gaps allowing for an internal/external air exchange

Hydraulic levellers

GAWRONSKI levellers enable very precise loading and are sophisticated solutions to accurately compensate the difference between different truck floors and loading ramps. So the load can be driven into or out of the truck in a single horizontal movement.

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